Let’s get mixing!

Hi! I’m Sarah Claire. I’m an artist, a wife and a mom of five boys. I’m a painter, a doodler, a writer and a silver linings finder. I love to color and I find it very therapeutic to mix paint. Click on videos in the above menu to find all my color mixing techniques.

You might be wondering…If you’re an artist, where are all your paintings?

Well, I’m glad you asked. www.SarahClaire.art is my site for all my books, designs and paintings. I use my creative process to have fun but also to release emotions and feelings. For me, releasing is the precursor to experiencing freedom and healing from hard moments.

Expressive art helps me process difficult conversations, anxiety and trauma. It helps me let go of negative energy and share positive energy. Don’t worry! I’m able to express excitement, passion and love as well.

Thanks so much for your interest in my art. I look forward to hearing from you.