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5 Great Things About Acrylic Paint

I think we can all agree there are 3 major mediums that artists love to paint with. Acrylic, Oil & Watercolor. Maybe 4, if you include ink but, I don’t really mess with that. Today, I’m sharing 5 reasons acrylic paint is great. Let’s count em down.

5. Opacity Heavy bodied acrylics have this thick plastic quality that’s great for texture and layering. Yellows, metallics and other light colors can be layered over dark colors, like navy or black, and look amazing. The liquid acrylics won’t cover dark colors the same but, if you drip the liquid acrylic paint and let the drops dry, that’ll do the trick too. (like the yellow and teal drops in this painting)

4. Fast Dry! Acrylic paint dries in as little as 30 mins… Even for big goopy textured paintings, I’ve only ever had to wait overnight for it to dry. Oil paint, on the other hand, is a 3 day minimum. Although I love oil paintings, waiting days for them to dry doesn’t always work for me. If you want to keep your acrylics wet for longer periods of time, you can add a drying retarder. I’m a busy mom with 5 boys running around. In my house, wet paintings are a disaster waiting to happen!

3. Flexibility – You can paint on almost anything with acrylic paint. Craft paper, foam, canvas (stretched or board), wood panels, metal and even slate! I recently painted on banner material, rolled it up and opened it multiple times with no cracking.

2. Smooth Mixing – Making your own colors is simple. You can blend acrylic paint together with any size brush, the back of the brush, the palette knife, even your fingers. A lot of artists (myself included) squeeze acrylic paint right on the canvas and mix & manipulate from there. It makes for a fun experience and usually turns into an awesome painting.

And finally…

1. Easy Clean Up! – The last thing you want to do, after making a beautiful masterpiece, is clean everything up. All you need for acrylic paint clean up is a cup of water, for brushes, and a wet facecloth, for surfaces. Even if the paint dries on your brush, you can soak it in water and peel away the paint pretty easily.

So, there it is… 5 great things about acrylic paint! If you love acrylic, tell me your favorite surface to paint on and why!

Thanks for letting me share. See ya soon!

Peace & Love,  Sarah

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