Trying New Ideas

I’ve been cleaning out closets and de-cluterring lately and I found this book, ARTEFFECTS by Jean Drysdale Green.

I’ve had this book since high school and I’m kind of surprised I still have it. After moving all my belongings to 5 different states, I certainly could of lost it along the way.

This book has hundreds of ideas and effects, you can try, to make your paintings even more awesome than they already are. Whether you use ink, oils, acrylic, watercolor or gouache, there’s an effect in here for you! Jean and her friends paint on all kinds of surfaces like paper, fabric, canvas, metal and wood.

I’ve read through ARTEFFECTS many times (past and present) to get unblocked. Sometimes the techniques inspire me and other times, it’s the pictures and color palettes of the resulting paintings. There are so many good pictures in here, you could buy this book just to admire the artwork.

One of the ideas or “effects” that I love, is adding texture. Not normal texture, made with paint or modeling paste, but interesting textures made with sand, crushed eggshells, wallpaper paste, tinfoil, plastic wrap or ripped paper.

I recently experimented with ripped paper and it made this really cool look. See the purple section in this painting.

Jean also recommends painting with fun things like a toothbrush or scratching a painting, that’s almost dry, with a razor blade or palette knife to make interesting patterns or the impression of trees…which I did on this banner painting to add dramatic effect.

This painting is going on the ceiling of our camper really soon!
For this one, I squeezed white and green acrylic paint directly on the canvas board and moved it around with a piece of paper. Pretty trippy.

Being creative should be fun and adventurous. That’s probably why I love this book. It really inspires me to try things without hesitation, like when I was kid. I’m really happy I found it and started using it again and I hope to share more of my adventures in art effects really soon.

Have you ever experienced artist’s block? What did you do or where did you look for inspiration to overcome it?

If you’re blocked right now, I highly recommend this book to help you out.

Keep trying new ideas and making amazing things!

Peace & Love, Sarah


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