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10 Quick Painting Ideas

I want to help spark your creativity. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re trying to overcome an artist’s block, it’s important to start simple, practice your techniques and gain confidence. If you do, you won’t be afraid to keep trying new ideas.

I wish I had all day to create paintings but, I don’t. I have to seize the moment when the moment arises. That’s why I’m sharing 10 quick painting ideas. 

Hopefully, these ideas will get you on the path to creating amazing works of art.

I made these paintings using acrylic paint on canvas boards, sizes 8×10 & 11×14 , that I bought on Amazon.

Each idea is followed by a how-to video. Follow along and subscribe to my YouTube channel for more painting and coloring ideas!

1. Gradient Background. My oldest son was watching as I blended this painting and he said, “It looks like there’s a snow storm going on here.” I love that. Anyone can look at a painting and see something different than the person standing next to them. It’s all up for interpretation. And now, I want to paint a snowy scene.


2. Re-order The Rainbow… Contrary to the popular song, “red and orange, green and blue, shiny yellow, purple too”, a typical rainbow is colored in red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet (aka Roy G. Biv). In this painting, I switched it up the way I like it. I painted blue, green, yellow, orange, red, purple and blue. I used blue twice and I put red in the middle to show the primary colors that are mixed to make secondary colors. What arrangement do you like best?


3. Monogram or Name. I’m making this cute project is for my neice’s 3rd birthday, in September! She’s a fun little girl who loves pink, purple & teal! I bought these wooden letters (her initials) and painted them to look like purple wood. Then, I made this video on how-to paint her name on top!


4. Sunshine. Basically, I started in the middle of this sun “background” with white paint. You want to put the lightest color in the middle and then blend outward so, you don’t make a big mess in the middle of your painting. I ended up making it way too dark. Watch to see how it turned out.


5. Make your own color! Watch how I made fuchsia!


6. Sunflower “how to paint a sunflower” -VIDEO COMING SOON-


7. Hand Print For Past & Future. I thought about creating a new painting + video {for this idea} but, I wanted to share this because, sometimes a “therapeutic” painting can be raw and messy but, that doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into something beautiful. I had to take a few breaks while painting this when it got too emotional. So, if you notice any weird choppiness, that was me stopping and starting. At the end, you’ll see how I took this mess and made it beautiful. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to try some expressive arts for yourself!


8. Cool Colors Only– I really love how this turned out. I’m planning on adding some coral or coral reef to this one because, to me, it looks like an ocean scene.


9. Warm Colors Only (yellows, oranges & reds) This one was quick and fun to make. I have a similar painting, called Implosion, for sale in my shop!!! This little painting only took 10 minutes but, Implosion took much longer to make… 1. because it’s larger 2. because there was a lot more blending to do in the middle and 3. because I had to make sure the brush strokes matched all the way around.


10. Paint with Your Fingers… Yes! Let’s get messy and paint something that actually looks good and feels good too.


Thanks for watching my first 10 YouTube videos! I had a lot of fun making them and I’m excited to make more really soon!

Let me know which quick idea is your favorite! What did it inspire you to paint? Snap a photo. Share it on instagram & tag me! @courageous.color -Click the link on the side to follow me!

See ya soon! Peace & Love, Sarah

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