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How To Clean + Fix Dried Acrylic Paint On A Paint Brush

Today, I made a video after totally destroying this paint brush. Whoops! Watch + See!

Or, if you’d like, read it here, in the transcript.

:video transcript:

Hey everyone, it’s Sarah, with Courageous Color. And today, I’m going to show you how I brought this ruined paintbrush back to life.

Oh my goodness, look what I did! Look at this. I left this paintbrush overnight… on this plate that I was using for this painting I just did.

I am so mad because I really like these brushes. This is part of the set that I always use. Uck!

Look at that. That’s so gross. So, I want to show you what I do when that happens because… Ummm, it’s not the first time.

So now this has been sitting overnight in this glass of water and has allowed a lot of that paint from yesterday to come out of the bristles. You can see there’s still a lot [of paint pieces] but now I take this and sort of pick those pieces [of paint] out.

Now what I can do is take the brush and put a little bit of dish soap or brush soap what-have-you and sort of mix that around so I’ll show you I have… right here… a little bit of brush cleaner.

Little bit of brush cleaner. So, I’m just gonna put that right in there [inside the brush soap container] even though I probably should not that’s okay, I can always rinse that off.

Okay, then I’m gonna sort of swirl it around on my hand because I have found that that doesn’t mess with the bristles and then if you fan it out, you can kind of make sure you don’t have any of those pieces and then you’re just going to rinse that out with cold water and your brush is no longer disgusting and nasty but all the acrylic paint is out!

and it looks good again, and you can use it for your next painting… and also, as a rule, I don’t usually wash this part because just shows that you are an experienced artist who makes a mess and does a lot of different paintings and I kind of like when my paintbrushes are messy on that end. HA! So, you can you can scrape that right off if you want to like that. But I usually don’t do that.

So that’s how you get a nasty paint filled paint brush that has been ruined back to life and if you had done that with oil paint you would need to definitely use some paint thinner and maybe even a little a little scraper or something to get it out of there, but for this we just used water overnight and I’m just gonna rinse it off and it’s gonna be good as new!

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:end video transcript:

I hope that helped you out! If you’re like me, you’ve done it before and you’ll do it again. So, now you know how to fix your paint brush when you forget about it and it gets totally ruined!

Peace & Love, Sarah

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