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Mini Beach Painting Gift Idea!

The beach is one of the most amazing places to go. It might be all the Moana I’ve watch with my twin toddlers talking but, I think that place where the ocean meets the sky is just pure peace and majesty.

My family and I went to the beach for a speed vacation a few weeks ago and we all had a good time… even my oldest son who is NOT an outdoor person. Today is my oldest son’s 15th BIRTHDAY!!! So, I was thinking this tiny beach painting would be a nice reminder of our vacation this summer.

If you have a beach lover in your life and you think they’d like this decoration… follow this 5 minute tutorial and make one for them.

I also think these would make a really great party favors! I would be willing to make a bunch of these for your wedding, party, big birthday celebration or any other “favor worthy” event. Send me an email, if you’re interested, and we can chat about timing + pricing!

Thanks for watching my video and letting me share my latest idea!

Peace + Love, Sarah



Hey everyone, it’s Sarah with Courageous Color and I want to show you how to paint this abstract beach scene because I think it makes a really good gift for someone and it’s super simple to do!

So I’ll get my stuff out of the way and I’ll show you this really cute mini easel and mini canvas that I bought. They were very inexpensive and then I have my paint. So I have teal, blue, white and like a sandy brown color.

So, the reason I’m making this is because like I said, I think it makes a really cute gift and my oldest son is turning 15 today! So we got him a gift already, but it’s kind of a delayed gratification gift. He can’t really use it until like next February. It’s a ticket to a really fun video gaming conference.

So, as like a reminder of our really awesome vacation over the summer, I’m gonna paint him a little beach scene and he can just keep this on top of his dresser. It doesn’t take up hardly any space and I think it will remind him of all the fun that we had and how awesome and cool the ocean was and just how he got to you know go out there and sort of just ride the waves with his brother and just chill and relax.

Okay, so here we go. We have a really small canvas which means we need to use a really small brush and we’re gonna start with the blue in the sky. and a little bit of white.

And what you’re gonna do is put the darkest shade of blue at the top. And what I’ve done is just I’m using just horizontal lines really, you know, sort of quick horizontal lines from left to right. And it I think that that really looks good. It brings the darker color sort of like a gradient down to the lighter color that’s going to meet the sea color in just a moment.

So if you have some people in your life who are ocean lovers, beach lovers, vacation lovers… I think this would be a great gift that you could make them! It’s really simple to make. Kids could make it. Older folks can make it. Really any age! It’s a really simple process to follow and let’s say you wanted to make five of them… You could do like one a week or even one a day.

And I think they would make a great Christmas present or birthday present for all those folks out there who really loved the beach and really loved ocean or have like an ocean themed… living room or bathroom or something like that. It really makes a great little piece of decor!

Okay, so the sky is almost done. I’m just making sure that it goes from dark on the top to light where it’s about to hit the ocean color and you can see that it just sort of flows.

So here we go. We’re going to mix a little bit of the darker blue with the teal and that is going to make kind of like a aquamarine greenish teal-ish blue and so that’s going to be the water color and the water does the same sort of color scheme the darker shade goes right at the skyline because that’s the farthest away from you so that’s gonna be the darkest and then you’re just gonna add a little bits of white and keep on making those horizontal lines as you pull the ocean color toward yourself.

Now normally the lighter color is going to be further away in like a landscape painting and the darker color would be close to you. But since in the ocean, there are some waves and things like that… It actually does turn whiter and lighter as it gets close to you.

So uh, so in this sort of a painting you want to make sure that you do that and put the white in as it gets closer to you to just resembles little waves or little things that are swirling around as it comes toward the sand color.

I mentioned I was using the mini canvas and the mini easel… But I am using one of the small round brushes from that 16 piece brush set that I’m usually using and so far I’ve been able to use the same brush because I was using the blue and then added a little white and then I added some of the teal to that same color. So I’ve been able to use the same brush but, now I’m gonna go into the sand {with a new brush} and the sand is gonna be pretty much the same tone the same value the same color until it gets to the water where it’s going to be kind of white and swirly because that’s where the sort of like the tide comes up and goes back.

So I am using a different brush because I don’t want to blend the brown and the blue together but, I’m also using just a few different values because I think the sand doesn’t change too much as it comes forward or or it goes away from you… but what it does is, it gets like footprints in it or a little like the wind will shift it so you can kind of just just make little lines and go back and forth and you know, just make it look a little uneven so it’s not just flat.

And so the last little move here is to get some more white (a lot of white) on the end of the brown sand colored brush and just bring it right across right where the teal meets the sand and if they blend in like the slightest way, it’s gonna look really cute. If it starts to get messy, You might want to wipe it off and do it again do it again or do it over.

And so you just pick it up real gentle and go ahead and put it on the mini easel and there you go. It’s done. You have the cutest little beach gift… piece of decoration that you could ever imagine and it was super easy to make and anyone who likes the beach would love it!

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