10 Quick Painting Ideas

I want to help spark your creativity. Whether you’re just starting out or you’re trying to overcome an artist’s block, it’s important […]

Trying New Ideas

I’ve been cleaning out closets and de-cluterring lately and I found this book,¬†ARTEFFECTS by Jean Drysdale Green. I’ve had this book since […]

Finding Your Artistic Style

Have you ever sat and scrolled Pinterest or Instagram looking at artwork? It’s pretty awesome. Every artist has a style… (or a […]

Eye of The Storm

Inspired by this song… I made this abstract painting. We all experience storms in life and the “eye” is the most dangerous […]

The Container

I’m learning how to channel my mess into a beautiful message. That’s what Courageous Color is all about. So, I want to […]

Bring Art Back!

Have you seen this commercial? This literally changed my life. This pushed me to start my company. Courageous Color exists to help […]