a retreat style painting workshop that lasts approx. 2 hours and aims to help you express your emotions and feelings about a specific problem or life issue.


☑ a 12×12 Stretched Canvas
☑ easel set to hold your canvas (or craft paper to lay your painting on a table)
☑ set of brushes and other painting tools
☑ water cup
☑ paper towel
☑ apron

☑ drop cloths to protect the floor

☑ various paint colors
☑ paint palette(s)


☑ Step-by-Step Guided Instruction


☑ calming music

Cost: $30/guest (3 person minimum)

Disclaimer: This is not art therapy. This is expressive art. You are encouraged to bring your finished piece to your own professional psychologist to discuss the process and results. Each painting will have a different result and will likely resemble an abstract painting.

Terms & Conditions: All attendees take home their paintings. All other supplies are for party use only and remain the property of Courageous Color. Additional charges may apply if you require room rental and/or frames.


A few examples of my own expressive art.

prints available for purchase


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